Sunday , 24 September 2017

Shahrukh Khan New Move One 2 Ka 4

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Shahrukh Khan is going to appear in a new ucoming Bollywood movie One 2 Ka 4.This movie will be released on 07 December 2012,when another hit movie of Akshay Kumar Khiladi 786 also be released on the same day.This will be the auspicious day in the history of Bollywood,when two super star movies are going to release together.One 2 Ka 4 is directed by Shashilal K.Nair,produced by Shahrukh Khan,Juhi Chawla and Radhika Sangoi.The music is given by A.R.Rahman and the starring stars are Shahrukh Khan,Juhi Chawla and Jackie Shroff.The story is about two friends and cops,Javed ( Jackie Sharoff ) and Arun ( Shahrukh Khan ),who are both Special Task Force officers and partner.Javed is a widower who is bringing up his 4 children with a lot of love and effort while Arun is his carefree,hotheaded,trigger happy albeit well-meaning subordinate and brother like-friend.This month is full of Bollywood movies,Lets celebrate winter together.

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